V2H business case Spain

I’d like to share an example business case of the V2H concept, given the availability of the Nissan Leaf V2H two-way charger, as announced recently:


This charger could be available in Spain for less than 3000 €. This price if only considering it as a 6 kW charger, when compared to alternatives has not too much sense. The value-added is in the two-way possibility of using batttery energy for home use. It brings a reliability value in case of grid outages, but also can be used for grid price optimization and for a more optimized renewable microgeneration.

Spain, although not at all a market leader in EV adoption, has an relatively advanced EV regulation, including a “supervalley” tariff designed for EV charging during non-peak night times (in 2012 it was 5,4 c€/kWh, Vs normal residential 15 c€/kWh).


If we analyze the business case of storing “supervalley” priced power with this charger for home consumption during peak-price, it turns out that the investment in this charger for the typical 8-9 kWh daily electrical consumption means yearly savings in the order of 300 €. Return on investment today for the charger would be around 7 years (estimating 5% yearly rate increases), without considering savings on the transportation use of the battery or the benefits for better microgeneration integration (i.e. night wind-gen adding up to the charge) that may enable further reductions on the electric bill.

Of course there are concerns about the battery duration (with 8 kWh depth of discarge on 24 kWh shouldn’t shorten life Vs the required only for transport) and about supervalley price not reflecting real cost for the system, but the business case and value of V2H will probably continue to improve in the future.


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