The missing toll – (El peaje que falta…)

*This post is in english with the goal of sharing internationally the latest retroactive and (in my opinion) “desperate” energy policy in Spain, as well as the draft for what would be the most deleterious microgeneration legislation in the world.

As I already posted before, Spain’s electrical system is in a “grid independence cycle“, where fixed costs are higher than variable and therefore, reductions in consumption are followed by increases in final prices, even with decreasing variable (market energy prices), leading to further consumption reduction (and ultimately grid disconnections –here some examples in US-).

Grid independence fee

The latest legislation (published 12/07/2013) tries to fight against the growing deficit, by retroactively deleting Feed in tariffs, reducing retribution to transport, distribution, and increasing end user tariffs (mainly on the fixed toll)

Once the irretroactivity principle was broken (limiting hours, introducing taxes, etc), why not delete the FIT completely? Thats what has happened; Why settle for being a “only a bit” retroactive… Now the FIT is not fixed, but the profitability, limited (to 7,5%) and depending on a government decided calculation.

The problem, in my opinion, lays in the lack of a energy strategy on the middle and long term, as Spain is stuck in short-termism (focused in cutting government deficit) and crossing fingers for growth to come back. But electrical demand growth, without electrical mobility, is not coming back.

Looking forward, what is most impressive about the draft for autoconsumption regulation is that the autogenerated and consumed energy would have to pay toll for grid backup (higher -changing and arbitrary- than the toll for grid power). As if this grid back-up where not paid already with the electrical power tariff. And, of course, also effective for existing installations, to follow the retrospective&retroactive policy. This is equivalent to having to pay a fee for the energy savings from a highly efficient fridge or paying a toll for simply reducing consumption from the grid.

But they missed one toll! To be completely sure of blocking autoconsumption, microgeneration, and “saving” the grid system, the spanish regulator will have to create a toll/fee for off-gridding (disconnecting from the grid) to pay for “not-contributing-to-the-grid” and being unsupportive (actually selfish, making others pay more fixed costs). And this could also increase revenue from existing off-grid installations that would have an additional and new fee. Sounds marvelous, right?

It might appear impossible, but desperate as the situation is (for main utilities and government), we can expect anything.

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