To EV or not to EV…

It’ been a while since my last post!

This is a personal view on the question of buying an electric vehicle (EV) or not. Who knows, you might consider the same soon…

Car decision hand

Images from Svilen Milev -the car image- ( and Natalia Pankova -the hand picture- (

It happens I have the “chance” of changing my old third-hand BMW, that despite the “glamour” of the brand, hurts me ecologically and economically with the >10 litres/100 km, that is 1,5 €/10 km, every time I don’t take the metro when commuting…

Looking into purchasing a i3, a Zoe or a Leaf, I have become aware of what a luxury it is to purchase a first hand car.

Besides, it feels so “old-economy”. Thinking about Spain’s recession and the recovery, is it reasonable that we start all buying new cars (thanks to a PIVE plan) and building 300,000 homes per year (signing mortages and thinking prices will grow back again) and the country is ok and safe again? Without no real economic change or strategy?

In my opinion, an economic evolution to building retrofits, focused on energy efficiency, instead of another construction boom, collaborative consumption instead of plain consumerism (as with buying cars), together with a shift to a low carbon energy (energy efficiency and renewables), innovative services economy, leveraged on ICTs, driven by demand instead of supply, targetting welfare/prosperity instead of production/growth, is more likely to avoid the country tripping on the same stone…

Using a quote attributed to Anna Lappe; “Every time you spend money you cast a vote for the world you want”. Walking the talk is spending money on energy efficiency, green energy, collaborative consumption, etc.

In fact, owning a car and then having it parked for 90% (typical for any commuter) of the time is just inefficient and having an untapped asset. A recent study published in France by Ademe, calculated the lifecycle impact of EVs Vs conventional ICE, and for some of the ecological impacts (not for the most important; reducing CO2 emmissions to curb climate change), the EV is a better option only above several tens of thousands of kilometres.

Pirate car

Image by Christian Ferri ( )

Reducing my carbon footprint changing to an EV is worse than doing it with combination of bike, public transportation, car sharing (such as respiro, bluemove, or socialcar, to cite some), car rental and taxi (example taxi Vs car-in spanish). It’s so much more expensive  and my vote goes for a more sustainable mobility, so I plan not to own another car.

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