Surprising inventions: Sun and Wind Captors

I have decided to create a category in my blog devoted to “breakthrough” inventions that are due to revolutionize the energy landscape…

Every once in a while we get to read about products or systems that are unbelievable, and sometimes feel like a joke. My recommendation is to avoid prejudices and have an open mind for innovation. You don’t want to discard progress without a proper analysis!

Having said that, let’s have a look at this system; CSV: “Captors of Sun and Wind”, consisting in 2 solar panels, hanging on a vertical post with a balancing system…


Source: youtube

You must admit the system is kind of hypnotizing…With the typical slow balancing movement that generates sooo much power 😉

To analyze this kind of system we can consider the following:

  • Can a panel on a vertical position facing the wind generate more than a fixed PV panel? Well, with bifacial PV modules as this example, it could be, but then the cost comparison should be taken into account Vs more conventional panels in a less costly structure
  • How much wind energy can harvested with a balancing panel? If it is difficult to defend vertical axis wind turbines Vs horizontal axis, because they profit less from the most energetic wind conditions, in this case the comparison is extreme. With a constant wind, the system would not even balance. Only with gusty wind with shifting direction would it be in optimal generation. Probably it would also require an hydraulic system before the generator as in Aquamarine’ Oyster wave generator

Besides, it is difficult to check on the specification Vs the cost of the system, as the expected energy it generates is indicated in “kW/h” or “MW/year”, which is already technically disappointing… You might even get the feeling that they don’t know what they are talking about! If we understand the system Aguila has 500 W of PV and 1,5 kW of wind, to generate 5MWh would imply for example 2500 equivalent hours of both solar and wind…

Luckily, the company needs to hire 100,000 people in Spain alone!

But let’s keep faith that new systems for generating from wind and solar together can be developed. Or, given the ever increasing competitiveness of both technologies, nothing else than installing one beside the other might be necessary?

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