Focusing on the “middlemen”

Why forget the “denialists” and skeptics on climate change and focus in the inactive and passive? They have the key, because they are the many. They, in fact, are going to be the ones who save us from the effects of severe climate change. Just like the political centre and the undecided are key to winning an election.

Why forget about criticizing inactivity from the culprit of superior morals and responsibility? This doesn’t work. To make those people realize they need to act responsibly we have to be positive, “hearty in our approbation and lavish in our praise”. Or “If You Want to Gather Honey, Don’t Kick Over the Beehive” as Dale Carnegie put it.

Focus on their higher motives and values. They are good people and they care about the environment. They are doing their best. They don’t need to be told what to do by environmentalists who are too “exalted” and “intense”. They need an easygoing way of doing the right thing, even unconsciously.

That is why i agree with the statement “we need more storytelling and art in climate education and less charts and power points“…

Inspiration for the subconscious instead of enforcing and trying to teach to the conscious.

An example is why I think the culture and art of “cool” bikes (An example of this art is Manu Campa’s paintings) is stronger to get people biking than the list of “100+ benefits from commuting with bike”… Another example is why the BMW i3 and the Tesla sell so good, not because of rational economics or because of environmental concerns, but maybe because they are more expensive and subjectively worth the extra money.

At the same time that we inspire the “middlemen”, as I already posted before, other lessons from “change management” theory should be put in practice in order to adapt to climate change.


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