On the road to Energythaca: Crossing the Chasm.

There are many optimistic signs that we are correcting the route and heading to Energythaca*:


image by Krzysztof Szkurlatowski; 12frames.eu

The road is not easy, there will still be more denialism to climate change, inertia of the carbon era, and fierce opponents to the energy transition because of personal economic interest. Now it’s no longer the visionaries, and the early adopters shifting to sustainability, but already the early majority and part of the vast majority that is stepping forward. We are crossing the chasm, so I’m sure everything is going to speed up dramatically. However, to get the consevative and pragmatist majority to change the behavior it must be made easy, through robust and economic solutions, art, creativity, education, etc. Apart from using change management knowledge to adapt to climate change, we also have to apply the marketing knowledge to get sustainability (and sustainable technology adoption) to be mainstream. For example, the use of Electric Vehicles must be made simple, affordable, and charging in highways easy for the majority, in order to make it mainstream. Other examples lay in how we market recycling, use of home automation, smart meters, selfconsumption renewables, etc. All these need a marketing approach, as does the whole climate change and sustainability concepts.

Image from wikimedia commons, by Cragi Chelius

Image from wikimedia commons, by Cragi Chelius

*What is Energythaca? It is the treasure island we are looking for, where we can do more and better with the energy resources and within the boundaries of the planet. In Energythaca there will be abundance of renewable energy, no CO2 emissions above the capacity of the earth to absorb, and pollution will be eradicated. We will be resilient to the inevitable climate change we have already produced, we will have universal access to sustainable energy, the right to generate our own energy will also be universal, and the world resources will be used in a circular economy. In fact, energy is one of the parts of the age of sustainable development, but a critical one. Energythaca is thus, the best energy world this generation can build and leave for future generations.

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