The least sustainable gadget possible?

I think it might be, every time I see one… but specially when I hear the noise.

It’s probably one of the least efficient and more disturbing modern technology around. Burning oil to produce noise and smoke, in order to spread dust and debris around! What can be better?


The “dreadful” Leaf blower

The funny thing is the device doesn’t even pick up the leafs, once they are pushed somewhere, they still have to be picked-up for disposal.

Of course it can save time, but…

It’s probably the opposite to the efficiency and sustainability as the examples of bicycles or of the GravityLight mentioned in this blog. A Smart City or at least a decently sustainable one should by no chance include gardeners “armed” with these.

And as I’m not in favor of banning the use of it, I appeal to the reason of the users.

Why does a person prefer to avoid healthy exercise and be exposed to more noise, smoke and dust. My guess is that it “upgrades” the gardener’s job with the ownership of “high-tech” and the feel of power from a roaring motor triggered with a finger… Harley-Davidson could develop one of these with their most appealing and “empowering” sound and sell it by the millions!

I know, it’s a brilliant idea, but it was this guy’s idea first:

Well, maybe an electric leaf blower is the way if we cannot eradicate them from the streets. At least is a less noisy and less polluting device, don’t you think?


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