Wisdom and Action, thoughts as a Doctor

“Being intelligent is a result of good luck at birth, being wise is a result of constant effort during life” *

I have the impression that I have been learning, preparing myself all my life. But the more I learn the more I think I know nothing…


…”You know nothing John Snow”

Image by Viktors Kozers on freeimages.com


Besides, I also feel still I haven’t delivered enough in return. I wonder; have I been gathering knowledge and experience but not wisdom to return?  This is what worries me after obtaining my PhD and looking onto year 2016.

Wisdom requires a lot of conscious effort, to gain from knowledge and experience. And wisdom is demonstrated by action. It has no sense otherwise. Acting wisely based on what I learn through my research and experience is my goal.

“With great Power comes great responsibility”

quote from Stan Lee’s Spiderman

So it is with knowledge, the greater the knowledge the greater the responsibility. The first responsibility is to use that knowledge and act consequently, act wisely.

It also follows the parable of the talents from the bible, as each will be given according to his ability and according to his ability he should deliver more. The greater the knowledge the higher the return should be.

But what is the goal of this delivery according to ones capacity?

Maybe being useful, making the world a better place. Following one’s mission in life or, in other words, making one’s dream (a well dreamt dream) come true. For myself, it is making the sustainable energy paradigm of Energythaca real.

And as an ideal, or horizon, it is the journey that counts. As with wisdom, it is a way of living, not a goal.

I feel it can be expressed by the words of Philippe in the book “The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays”;

“I search for peace. The peace of knowing I live according to myself, that I am useful, the peace of making one or two people happy, and being proud of telling myself I live a honorable life”

*This phrase is my own


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