The “magic” of Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEV) not only will change the way we drive, (actually the way we won’t drive)

There is a more interesting consequence related to Asset Utilization and Efficiency you should consider.

The key to unlocking so much efficiency potential from such a vehicle is the time when the owner is not been driven by the car. When the car is working for it’s owner, that’s where the “magic” happens…


Image by D. Warrington on freeimages

During these otherwise idle times, the AEV can be in use (increasing the utilization of the asset) and enhancing the efficiency for a) it’s ownership, b) the electric and energy system and c) the logistic systems.

How is that?

a) When the car is not required by the owner, the AEV can be taxiing other people around resulting in more income for the owner. Activating this “taxi-mode” will be typical while the owner is at an office, away or asleep. One consequence, the availability of night-time taxis is likely to have abundant offer…

b) How these AEV affect the energy system? With autonomous charging and vehicle-to-grid functionality, the vehicle would select when to charge and discharge given the owner’s conditions, and also where. Going to solar charging stations or wind stations when resource is abundant or discharging in heavy load nodes for a premium are some examples.

c) Also, the AEV could not only taxi around people, but pick-up items purchased by the owner or for others, integrating the private owned AEV into the logistic value chain.

These uses of the AEV may seem futuristic, but they are not so many years away… and for sure there will be many other functions.

With increased asset utilization and all these functions available in a peer-to-peer market, I also think that vehicle ownership is likely to be less common in the future.

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