NZEB + EV: The decarb combo

Are you aware of these stats?

  1. Buildings account for 40 % of energy consumption and 36 % of energy emissions (EU data)
  2. Road transport accounts for 25 % of energy consumption and 20 % of energy emissions (EU data and EU stats)

Then, what happens when we combine NZEB buildings (net Zero Energy Buildings) with local renewable generation and EVs (Electric Vehicles) charging in these NZEB?

NZEB & EV.png

It’s obvious… -> We can decarbonize 65 % of the energy system!*

One of the findings during my PhD research was that when electrical systems are reliable, the most cost-efficient investment is on energy efficiency. That is exactly what NZEB and EVs do.

And they delete carbon emmissions at the same time.

So if we take into account the whole sustainability concept (social, environmental and economical) the smart grid “node”, when connected to EVs, are buildings.

It’s where the most impact can be achieved, and it can be done by individuals, bottom-up and therefore faster than for example utility led projects.

In summary, refurbishing existing buildings into NZEB including EV charging spots is a very powerful combination to be promoted and facilitated.

To make it happen, there are many levers to be pulled: mandatory regulation on buildings, local generation, and vehicle-to-grid connections, financing packages for refurbishing, taxation measures, direct incentives, training to users, standarization of chargers, demonstration on public buildings, prices and contests for case examples, etc.

*Note: With EVs and local renewable generation at industry sites, part of an additional 25% of energy consumption is also decarbonized

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