Wible hace un poco de “trampillas”?

Como ya comentaba en otro post, en Madrid tenemos una oferta completísima de servicios de movilidad.

Al no tener coche, soy muy usuario de todos ellos, transporte público, mobike, zity, emov, wible, bicimad y vtc/taxi (por orden de uso).

Lo que no uso habitualmente son las motos (Muving, acciona, etc) ni los patinetes eléctricos (aunque le pido prestado de vez en cuando el patinete normal a mi hija)

De las opciones de coche, reconozco que intento evitar usar wible, salvo que me quede otra opción muy lejos y no me pueda acercar en bici…

Por qué?

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Publication: Charging island homes

Do you think islands can benefit from the use of Electric Vehicles?

It’s quite reasonable to agree on the benefits.

Because of the limited distances, because of the availability of renewables, lack of local fuels and high energy dependence, and because of the environmental impact, electric mobility apparently fits there like a glove.

Besides, resiliency to face weather events by storing energy in the vehicle, and reducing peak electrical demand on normal conditions seem to be economically beneficial.

kreta-1364084 car island

Image taken in Crete by Repsaj on freeimages

The research we recently got published in Energy, focuses on the effect of using the vehicle’s energy to charge the home at peak load and charge the vehicle* during valley.

This is what we found out…

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The battery gap

I explained to a friend this week my concept of “battery gap”.

He thinks batteries will not “be enough”, are “too far away” and “too expensive” for grid energy storage… Well, we’ve heard that old story before.

We heard that old belief that solar energy would never be competitive or only represent a small portion of energy generation, right? Or the one that grids had an inherent limit for absorbing renewable power (yes, some people once said it was 15%) Or that to reach a high degree of renewable penetration, the land use would not leave space to grow food… And such.

Well, the DOE has published an update on the accelerated escalation of LEDs, wind, solar, EVs and batteries. The graphs and the facts are impressive.

The difference in price for renewable energy Vs conventional grows quickly. So there is growing “space” to pay for energy storage. We could represent as follows: Sigue leyendo