TET. Tecnology+Energy Tourism

Tourism is one of the main contributors to Spain’s prosperity, as it represents more than 10% of GDP. The attractiveness of the country internationally as a tourism destination is key, as it is to have a well designed strategy. In 2012, the ministry approved the “National and Integrated Tourism Plan” to 2015, with the goal of improving the sector.

The Plan does not discuss all categories of tourism, and where the country should focus, but, for example, proposes increasing experiential tourism as a diversification from the traditional sun&beach. Additionally, there is a plan to put in value the cultural, natural and eno-gastronomical resources of the country and complementing the offering with preventive health services for aging European customers.

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Tourism categories there are many; sun&beach, cultural, MICE, urban, rural, gastronomic, nature, etc. There is one related to technology and energy that, although small, I think should be promoted: technology-energy tourism (TET). Why?

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