Citius, altius, fortius

In these times of austerity, when we are told to do less, spend less, lend less, we have to defend the value of efficiency, of doing more with less. In terms of energy, and to have more, we have to really tap into renewable energy. We have to reach further, stronger and faster. That is the nature of mankind.

I thought this post appropriate because of the coming olimpics, because it is very much related to the pursue of energythaca and although it is a latin motto, it is also inspired by the greek culture. We look at Greece now and it is more a “slave”, chained, enduring sacrifices and austerity, than an athlete. But Greece could be a great example of the energy paradigm of this century, as it has a great solar resource, enough to live in energy abundancy.
My argument is; energy consumption doesn’t necessarily need to decrease, whereas emmisions do, for the sake of climate security. I don’t agree with arguments on no-growth capitalism, where energy consumption has to be reduced together with consumption as a whole. Efficiency and collaborative consumption, help us do more with less, but it is renewable generation that avoids the use of limited and polluting resources and the associated risks. Without these risks, why reduce energy consumption, unless the energy is used for unsustainable purposes?
As we have in the new media/internet paradigm, where as well as customer participation there is an economy of abundancy, in energy we will all be prosumers and there will be abundancy once we really tap renewable energy. There are many examples of wind generation surplus energy already.

I’ll finish this post refering to the Solar Impulse flight from Europe to Africa this week. For me it means that even one of the last frontiers (air travel) for emmission reduction can be addressed. It is a beautiful case of energy abundancy, the more it flies, the better the return on energy. So make it fly stronger, higher and faster. 

It surely is the vision of a dragon on our way to Energythaca.