They can? Want? Must? Japan (and Germany) Vs Spain

What is happening this month is surprising. On one side, the highest photovoltaic FIT in the world started in Japan, as part of the most ambitious plan to implement renewables in history. (Germany, too, recently put their 2020 renewable goal on 35%, announced closing of all nuclears in 2017) On the other, Spain is to tax renewable energies after the halt on all FITs and extended the life of the oldest nuclear reactor in the country…

Why are policies so opposingly different when all developped countries should follow the same climate change and renewable energy goals?

They can? Because Spain is a poor country (now, we didn’t know in 2008…) it has to rely more on nuclear and instead of promoting solar energy, it taxes and reduces retro-actively subsidies? It’s a luxury to have renewables… and only countries like Germany and Japan can pay for them?

…Maybe that is why they will continue to be rich and Spain will lag behind them. After being on the technology leadership of CSP and PV Power Plants, it’s like growing and closing before the harvest.

They want? Is it just a country strategy, that they are able to maintain a policy, while Spain is in constant indecision, making errors and changing the game rules? That is also a shaming comparison.

They know they must? They are more conscious of the danger of nuclear energy, the paradigm of privatization of benefits and socialization of risks, or/and of climate change? Germany hasn’t suffered any consequences, but maybe Spain doesn’t have as much empathy…

Whatever the reason we try to find, it always puts a question mark on Spain’s energy policy.