“Baseload” is an obsolete pre-energy-transition concept?

“Baseload” is so much twentieth century… It is a concept widely used when demand was not flexible. When there was an uncontrollable consumption and industries were not adapting their production to availability of abundant energy. When the goal was to have nuclear and other conventional power plants running 24/7.

In the twenty-first century, the demand curve is not going to be flat, but is going to be variable and smartly adapted to supply of renewable energy.


The “base load” game. Image from Maria Yan (Yanovski-55776) on freeimages.com

Let’s look at the energy demand to challenge this concept…

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The least sustainable gadget possible?

I think it might be, every time I see one… but specially when I hear the noise.

It’s probably one of the least efficient and more disturbing modern technology around. Burning oil to produce noise and smoke, in order to spread dust and debris around! What can be better?


The “dreadful” Leaf blower

The funny thing is the device doesn’t even pick up the leafs, once they are pushed somewhere, they still have to be picked-up for disposal.

Of course it can save time, but…

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100% Renewables. First stop: Islands. Hierro Declaration.

The island of El Hierro, in the Canary Islands, is set to become the first Ithaca, where the 100% renewables goal will be a reality thanks to the Gorona del Viento project.

The government has created a Declaration, open for everyone to subscribe and support:

“Declaration of el Hierro”

It is an interesting initiative to promote the concept, involve everyone and is a nice marketing for the island in terms of tech and eco-tourism.

Other islands are following. And the change is coming fast, as renewables are already beyond diesel parity.